27 June 2012

come on in and take off yr skin and rattle around in yr bones # 2

untitled, or to Scott who sometimes writes sensually suggestive syntax

geranium oil & Formica moonlight
a shutter speed is a sacrum; a wedding dress means
brutally unasleep—
so let us deconstruct stress w/ a lot
of positivity, to wit:
a bibliography of fog in a house of mirrors;
an f-stop is a barren limb (w/ criterial seasonal landscape)
i.e., my obsession w/ nervousness
notwithstanding a cuckoo clock
coughing up blood
in a hospital bed w/ a codeine drip
to cloud certain proclivities of parallax error—
a few years earlier
the bokeh of her blouse, clarified in archetypal
an escapist image of whisky against a discreet thigh;
her tonsils of tungsten light—
we never wanted things to turn beige
but our halos
developed inarticulately, & unplugged...

                        a shibboleth of once bold white lines;

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