31 March 2010

condensing cumulus clouds into cassettes w/ chivas

west-coast definitions of the outwardly defiance
of the comprehensible

...your thoughts?

in loc. cit. heart moccasin
art museum     =
suitcase weather
More ESP
inflate the cinematography: In The Pines...
a silt-laden
breeze w/ "of course!  she’s RIGHT!"
i’m off...down
the south stockton Canal’s
1%-er; subjective and harsh and
severe sleep apnea, & *New* Essential Tremors
recorded live;
holy water w/ choir practice
under the ("we need a bus") fucked-lamp
of a speed freak's
so i am biding my time w/ paper airplanes
sad umbrellas,
tiny accordions & last april...
AM/FM format
commuting through the nurse
w/ wound list
not not funerary, these adaptive addictions;
southern lights or
echo chamber: the heartworks’
unsolved ideas...
their middle-east upstairs’ misconstruction
fuckyoubicycles, ghostwritten
the lush snowflake quiet
of widowed edged-