17 September 2010

a möbius strip called desire

an afternoon at her shoulder

bird chirp
canvas shoe & more than a feeling
orange tree, subdued
in nature
water upon her clavicle
the troubling promises of an impression
a premise
certainly subscribed to
[an afternoon spent w/ yr head on her shoulder]
a tascam of gin
the elegant upsweep of introspection
the nuances of a moment
spent w/ her

i want her to sing me a love song

crouched w/in the creases of collect calls

motorcycle boots and silver flutes
$606.17 in 1989

drunken hummingbird 
w/ compulsiv  retrograde amnesia (poetry)
busman’s holiday 
mixing quaaludes and scotch before talking a walk 
in the rain; 
the parameters, imbued...
in part
crocheted caribou casuistries
a gritty omniscience
my warehouse eyes, & sauve-qui-peut pencilry
(ad rem incidences)
a 6x9" Tumbler Bound Steno Notebook w/ chemistry
helium balloons, robitussin 
& french films...
along with some geraniums that squeak!
often subversive
when dreary
(a whale watching tour rescheduled
for a blimp,) sunsets 
to an unfolding evening...
somewhere along the way i stopt sleeping altogether
dashboard tension
everything is a thorough disorder...
“’Dear,’ but nothing else. 
Ytre Suløens Jass-Ensemble; robotic plants that
actually grow
(intangible surreality)
since, often, commentary is the new identity
your own atypical field study:
scrabble board; walk, & whether, either pre-evening
collapse, or electricity
my grrlfriend's brother invented a dragon

16 September 2010

i miss looking in her eyes

honeybees, occasionally
from her lips