08 August 2010

i later conducted an escape using the typewriter's carriage return

hiding from yr friends all summer is the new DIY scene.  here are some pomes from that scene.

the harrows of being bored at heart

` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - =
q w e r t y u i o p [ ] \
a s d f g h j k l ; '
z x c v b n m , . /

distorted Beach Boys records, bpNichol pomes;
the amplifier damage
of an old leica IIIc, 1951

coup de foudre moustaches w/out quotes...

a list of things i want:

: "© 1968 by Aram Saroyan" on Lita Hornick's
    Kulchur Press
: tugboat cuff links
: a 1940s Beau Brummell, Zierolfs necktie
: another drink
: a ghettoblaster from the 80s
: "The Yeh-Yeh Girl From Paris!" by Francoise Hardy
    (original LP pressing w/ FH
    holding an umbrella)
: a complete set of the New Yorker issues containing
    Donald Barthelme's stories

the memories are frequently
by the damaged production

set these in the medical records of
todd sais, "i have noticed
an assemblage
of collapse through--"

inarticulateness: her amour-propre, my elusiveness

or sympathy indicates a clumsy
fascination w/
reckless abandon on salvation army-bought stationery
in the early-morning sun w/

strangulated woodwinds; champagne & quaaludes

let's introduce a curious list:

: ursuline nuns
: moulin rouge acrobats of the 1920s or 60s
: soviet ballerinas
: b-film monsters
: cheerleaders of the 1970s
: sarnoff clowns
: belle époque doctors
: fetish nurses
: catholic schoolgirls of the 1950s

picked up by a passing tugboat & taken to a hospital
severely injured
but according to kierkegaard,

when a truth was apparent to an individual,
that was the truth
regardless of evidence to the contrary.

[also, i was a little girl and seduction
was threatening.]

trading lassitude for longitude

yowling sweater nihilism
for what it's worth, it's impeccable — abrupt
l a n g u i d
etc., how insufferable
this is also
a baltimore oriole flinching across the night
w/ a cynical clientele
how poignant
let's write an atlas; indulge
in the loneliness
of influence...
the unceasing inscrutability of
anniversary bourbon
a tumult
of quietly violent clarity; and therein lies
our singular health
as such, the odd country
w/ a bassoon, but not quite as reverent
in as much as
anything so funeral can be
a grosbeak
simply adroit w/ its landslide acceleration
the gorgeous
torrent of frequency modulation
as it storms
w/in the chambers of a heart...
pensive, albeit
the melancholy of wires w/ such poise and every
so often, enough
when your heartstrings start
to brook

steyr chirps, strung-out afternoons, dada tambourines
[such incongruous title!]

auteur rN
ballroom dancing w/ tequila sunrise
[Beauty is Unstable]
a business envelope of booze
on a calendar girl's nightstand
boat club coats
w/ liquid codeine phials in the ticket pocket
[such cravat drama!]
the frontispiece harbours
['S Gravenhage]
an heiress in a cucumber-green chemise
hobby-horse jesuitism
knife fights
w/ a lantern & mannequin lungs
magnolias [bloom]
medicine parachutes = amylbarbitone polaroids
the radius of savoir-vivre—
"the shackles!"
she sais, unholstering an Editorial from her custom-made
c. rusty sherrick holster
solecism w/ thought experiments
like TVs
thrown over the balcony [such contretemps!]
the world is a miniature
spiral staircase
through the valley of the shadow of death
a volcano whispers
the eyewitnesses sit around
and listen
unimaginatively to the worst LP Wings
ever recorded

a mockingbird w/ a stochastic frame of reference

gospel & tweed coats
fake christmas trees; that's totally boots!
ridiculously abstruse
a sunny tarmac
in the heart; the Kowloon Walled City
of a heart...

art, contrary; if i cdn't decide
evocative, & potentially
egress'd, etc.
a rainy spring afternoon w/ limoncello
(noir umbrellas)

jumpin' judas iscariot!,
it's soviet sleeper agents, bleak victorian landscapes;
a 1947 RKO B picture
repeatedly yawns like a distant lion
as lines
disrupt planes of dedication

descriptions evoke
back issues of TIME on a sunday; gray, blue & pink
beautifully bleak
“American Splendor”
we fell in love among the clattering machinery

of a park w/ leafy trees
w/ rusted razor wire...broadsheet newspapers;
xeroxes of
“Demoiselles d’Avignon”

that is all.