03 October 2010

wreaking epic sonnet rebellion

i took time off from writing love pomes to a certain special someone to share this epic sonnet.  it's been two weeks in the making.  here is:

every two weeks, a sonnet

divorce keeps mom out of dad's obituary
making baby set an heirloom takes thought
man needs tips on talking to female peers
readers advise moms upset by stares at son
love in a a war zone likely to be more intense
ask boyfriend why he's avoiding kissing
dog left home alone worries loving owners
it's important to get your flu shots now
walk down the aisle fraught with family strife
man must sort out feelings before marriage

torn between goddaughter's sparring parents
binge-drinking roommate needs help
friendship prolongs pain for ex-girlfriend
discuss feelings on organ donation with family

how episodic.