23 May 2010

ontology published your face

two new pomes:

  "You're Gonna Miss

  math intricacy (intimacy)
an upright bass or
only to eventually admit
the clamoring redivivus
  That being sd, ferocious
amped-up Emotions
promises; rainy days
and you
  i always find this soothing
helium balloons
at the top
of a spiral staircase

telephone shoals

cobblestone gunshot, grandfather scotch; then as snow:
punctured electrical...
flower & flourish.  mistakes were prob.
constructed thru rectangles
all along; dirigible distraction, list languish--

hemisphere traffic collage,
sin föhn soliloquy whisky; fern monologue individuality
w/ an afterwords of
preliminary shearing as imputed triangles
arc & text--

constellation quartets: birdcage marimba,
pink porchlight,
surface buoys glance arbitrary,
solemn poinsettia stab wound tulips pulverized into dust

"i am not myself," he sais, cradling shade dripping
from a surceased palm tree...