27 June 2012

come on in and take off yr skin and rattle around in yr bones # 1

definitive juxtapositions w/ a metaphor as explosive as a powder keg in a hot-air balloon

emblematic of the contemporary moment
of my evening
the ghost of “99 Luftballons”
abt the absinthe on my nightstand
sometimes i dream
in the curtsey of a European newspaper
between the lungs
of a cigarette as i dismember
w/ unshelved books or a new compilation
of misguided concepts
still, in other intimate moments
aperçus strewn
in more lush & impenetrable thoughts
in particular
the berserk iconography
probably .txt karaoke in Weimar Berlin
w/ Errol Flynn
psychologically weathering
a broken projector
recycling angles like a rhombus
on Quaaludes
if the metaphor had a sound it wd sound
like this, i suppose
swashbuckling through Wikipedia’s
entry on Cognitive Dissonance
as i cd never imagine the quieter moments
benignly brutal
if need be, as we bemoan

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