04 July 2012

come on in and take off yr skin and rattle around in yr bones # 9

a hummingbird hiking up its skirt

...Civil War VHS
a blank canvas of snow, morphine & concrete
scrapbook nostalgia
acrobat bone chaos & absurd conceits
w/ narrative contexts:
wind-swept blood clot fire plug embellishment
old-timer jugband tunes
& FM Braille shipwrecked against personal experience—
an incredibly beautiful exorcism;
a refurbished boatshed
where Theodore masturbates to “The Story of O”
w/ some scissors & glue
as well as a little help from Elsie, probably...
a priori whispering
kamikaze butterfly anatomy operating theatre collage
a textbook perspective
educated w/ box wine & owd-feshioned spelling bees
archetypally, in principal
our clothes on the floor in a b&w summer vacation
photographed by Reed B. Bontecou, MD
w/ a star-spangled banshee
enslaved to ceramic doll frottage—
the dreamy eroticism w/in the petite stabs at seventh heaven
celestially horrific
avec birdcage elevator orgasm imprimatur
paralytic, nevertheless
blatant Caravaggio ex cathedra mise-en-scène...
uncouth exit hyperbole
there isn’t enough melodrama
out of left-field
to outright Norman Rockwell sexual resonance—
empirical, jejune
imagine cherubim or dove plastic surgery
handsomely ferocious loveseat transcendence
yet macabre in the meantime...

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