27 January 2011

on the advice of particulars, sometimes white watercolours

okay, first post of 2011...the idea being i will post a pome or two or three every week (by 11:59 p.m. saturday), but if i err on this promise/premise, and you call me on it, i will owe you a beer, or coffee.  hopefully, this will keep me on top of things.

let's begin:

a quick note upon the stately presence of a womyn you are enamoured with

love is
all papercuts, hood ornaments from foreign cars,
and semaphore signals...
but, more likely, a sexy grrl yelling
at you
through a megaphone
from a treehouse, grinning...

[ and ]

purple flowers in a yellow fratelli toso vase, singularly welcome in this...

baroque and amnesiac
yet tragic, and categorically, good-looking restlessness —
a copernican subduction
in aesthetics — when the wow and flutter
eventually fades...
the only smile will be frowning, importantly

thus concludes week one...sincerely, justin mcelfresh

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