11 September 2010

pomes to read while riding yr bicycle

4 misunderstandings (for a sunday afternoon)

: as it were, love stories

: the glamourous friends of my wife

: i am in a state

: my blue life of leisure


The "typewriter girl" became part of the iconography of the early-20th-century office.



subversive heart tense
lecherous -- evocative intrigue
brushstroke tension

abstruse salaciousness


Elliott Gould 
he does not 
of discussing 
Robert Altman's 


orange butterflies

...crestfallen w/ piano insubordination

a synaesthetic light
encircled through the fallen leaves of the ruin
of morning
w/in the trad. of categorical eloquence

G Street

wwi. (in theory)
avant-garde forensics narrative
yr lover's sudden

the bucolic splendour of her heart

lulling undertow
the prescription-white fire of a mirror
perhaps, a kiss
summer's intentions were...

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