04 May 2010


geranium rail / cold winter sun / uncorroborated reflections
(1148 Ward Place, Revisited)

image procedurals:

sitting back in this room staring at the times square
where my typewriter shd be

yarn & glue

the operation was a piece of art
but the pome died

le foto proibite di una signora per bene

        my new favourite weapon: a quiet evening w/
        wood & graphite
        the potential is such that

        i've taken to exoticizing
        my typewriter
        as a Romantic, or a post-Romantic;
        a deconstructionist

the love of life orchestra
on a sortie thru
"beginning of the heartbreak / don't, don't"

hauntingly poignant vignettes
[nebraska in winter]
now that i have found you

        List N°1:

        major cities in India
        include mumbai, new delhi, bangalore, kolkota,
        & chennai...

the headlights of a taxi in snowy weather

paperback wallpaper —
are cathedrals on wheels;

sad, florid piano laments
yves tanguy syntax w/ ann demeulemeester
sweater prints

        then, after that, you have to adjust each flower.
        It's sensibly Brutal.

a wwii spyglass in [their] shoulder holster.  perhaps
serendipity is asserting
itself through surplus surrealism...

        [ how come no one told me
          the angels'
          boyfriend came back? ]

effusive romanticism
a u-2 spy plane harboured in heart

mise en abyme

my typewriter is a love poet
in exile

        oskar kokoschka, bride of the wind, oil on canvas, a
        self-Portrait expressing his unrequited love for alma
        mahler, widow of composer gustav mahler, 1913


         (I'm trying to think)

        hans schleger, in the blackout — before you alight make
        sure the train is in the station.  Look for platform

back porch sunsets
w/ an ugly duckling

when a bird sings, the -self dismantles
under the canopy
of rickety, underprivileged yellow light

        List N°2:

        trees found around N 45° 56' 33.20" W 92° 36' 39.49"
        birch, maple, oak, aspen & basswood

        structurally chaotic
        a greige & white abstraction conjuring

a philistine's philistine historicizing reticence

the policed distortions
of realization
typewriter ribbon as rosary

        while dying, gertrude stein was asked,
        "what's the answer
        to it all?"  She looked up and sd, "What's the question?"

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                written february-march 2010 / typed may 1, 2010

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