13 April 2010

heuristic heartbreak in a haberdashery

Colette Peignot singing "the Red Note Book"

(surgical snapshots)

red wine jazz concierge ensemble
; trebly—
model a ford flower bouquets
bleak cnfssnl
[ don't bother w/ the explication, s/he sais ]
fire hydrant
tuesday, wednesday, or thursday
let's segue
status epilepticus
[ stat. ]
ventilation & light; anachronistic, fashionable
no truck w/ 
the niceties of structure
the discretion of being unadulterated 
at heart
b/c i still give a fuck abt 
oxford commas
chemistry, boyfriend coats & indicative particulars
[ "why is there a 'fire hydrant' 
in yr poem? ]
Melanie Safka singing Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)
[ it distracts from the arch of 
sd poem." ]
interleaving an Olivier Messiaen flow chart—
abrupt intrigue:
[ using a ghost as a narrator gives 
the boke 
an eerie overtone. ]
on a rainy day in brooklyn this past october
we conversated
let us talk abt racehorses from the 1920s
or tomorrow night
[ such insular hobbies, no?  s/he sais ]
a transistor radio 
for some pronoun's sepia-toned first holy communion 
her jazz famile
in a foto
in a tree 
lending resonance to an elegant observation:
sleeping w/ yr best friend's spouse
the sheer ferocity 
& electricity
arsenic & old lace paint thinner

late March 2010 ?
constructed from misc. lines...

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Dusty Leo Neu said...

that last line kills me