03 March 2010

distortion of baroque

red umbrella, unquiet desperation
laudanum-addicted, hallucinating & talking to the ghost
of my dead daughter while struggling to write a pome

verb the adjective noun.”

script, scribble, pencil arcana w/ .5 mm.
the page’s margins’re 
crowded w/ 

accidents of hand, nostalgia & aforethought


funeral spray of flowers, dead bouquets
on a wall radiator
in a vase made from a grandmother clock or
a 1930s telephone

l'éspionne bivouac, le cimetière

many drugs, a broken marriage
Live and Let--
Ghosts; (the light pours out of
the hem...)

Robert Aldrich's 1963 western 4 for Texas

( no one sais, let/s turn
 out the lights
 and binge-read the night away...

 but they shd )

one winter afternoon at Grand Central Station
moody languour
violas & french horns--
harboured in the stark books of platform loudspeakers
the weathered symmetry

windsongs w/ bobby pins; the Schulmädchen Report
tributive flowers

christmas lights & coffee
as well as 
unpublished experimental
gatefold sleeves

the divorce and hotel

to be pummelled by eccentric beauty, 
& to wonder abt it.

an exploitative hue; “I had this yearning, 

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