24 January 2005

transcending into cardiac arrest

[languor and otiose definitions, i/m operating w/in a system of mediums.] if you ever want to "wet a cadaver," heed these instructions: 175 mL of downy fabric softener, 245 mL of phenol, and 3080 mL water. this has been random knowledge from an English major working in a microbiology laboratory. thanks for your cooperation. -mngt.

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Anonymous said...

when the rotating desires planted a short story criticism to Thelma Talmark (the redolent yoyo, she be) she went up a berserk singspiel abt English 1B. I write short story/ novella/ descriptive prose abt a character; (who is by no means) a symbolic representation of Disney Channel, inc. [I wdn't know Mikey Eisner fr. a li'l boy in diapers at Target (as speaks Jon: it's the place where you can beat yr children in a dark corner, unlike Wal Mart, where you slap the li'l puke in front of everybody, PARAPHRASTIC)] that inspired me to sing that Tipperary song and say: I know you, Miranda Sanchez! I don't care if you got my TV screen to protect you! (by the bye, wd you like to go to coffee w/ me, Miranda Sanchez?)